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June 26, 2012 / advwirelesscomm

7 Reasons to Choose Digital Two-way Radios

Through most of its history, two-way radio has meant analog voice. While this traditional technology will always have its place in history, digital technology is carving out its place in the future.

Analog radios are hindered by their limited abilities, putting users at several disadvantages—the least of which are poor sound quality and limited range. However, thanks to digitations, two-way radios are changing very quickly, and that is very good for seven reasons.

  1. More Channels: Almost all digital two-way radios offer 400 channels, a giant leap from the standard 16 analog channels.
  2. Superior Sound Quality: State-of-the-art voice compression digitization technology enables excellent sound clarity and decreases negative feed. Digital sound is superior at varying strength signals, even when doing 80 mph down the highway.
  3. Individual Calling: Digital technology allows a user to call a single individual instead of a group without changing channels. Simply selecting another radio’s multi-digit identification code calls that particular radio.
  4. IP Connectivity: Provides web access.
  5. Longer Battery Life: Because the digital radio transmitter is not constantly on, all digital radios boast a 30-50% longer battery life.
  6. Text Capable: Digital radios enable sending short text messages.
  7. Call Alerts: Digital technology also allows for the wider use of call tones to alert the receiving person that someone wants to speak to them.

Of course, the list of digital advantages doesn’t just end here. Using digital two-way radios expands communication capabilities and promises users a much more diverse and rich platform.


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  1. jthomas73 / Nov 16 2012 10:41 am

    Would this digital radio be better for small retail store (we have 5 radios and about 10 employees) or should we go with something different? These look pretty large and I think they would be too much to carry for the ladies on the floor. Are there any other options? We currently use store bought radios and they are not working for us.

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