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July 11, 2012 / sgroth28

Reducing Liability from Spills

THE NEED:  At Browns ShopRite reducing liability from fraudulent slip and fall claims against the store by visitors, and creating a safe working environment for employees is a top priority.  When wet/dry spills occur in the store an employee is required to notify maintenance personnel to quickly mitigate any potential problems created by the spill situation.  In many cases such notification would require the responding employee to leave the immediate area of the spill to utilize the overhead PA in the store.

If maintenance was unable to hear the overhead PA request for assistance,   too much time would elapse, thus creating a situation for a customer to become injured due to an unattended product spill on the sales floor.

THE SOLUTION:  With Advanced Wireless, notification of such spill occurrences is made much faster.    Four- button transmitters are strategically placed in each aisle of the store.   These buttons are designed for use only by store personnel and once an employee becomes aware of the presence of a spill they can quickly and easily press one of the four options on the four- button transmitter.  In addition, they stay with the spill until maintenance personnel arrives to contain the situation.  Senior managers,  department managers, maintenance personnel,  and others all wear two-way radios and are alerted instantly of the situation,  allowing anyone in the store to become involved depending on the severity of the situation.

Spill Solution from Advanced Wireless Communications

THE RESULT:  No longer do employees working on the sales floor need to leave the immediate area where the potentially dangerous spill occurred to find a land line, or use the overhead PA to alert others to the spill.   With the press of a button, the spill occurrence message is simultaneously broadcast discreetly to everyone in the store including senior management and maintenance without disturbing the shopping environment for other customers inside the store.

The result has been immediate response times to potentially dangerous spill situations throughout the store, reducing liability and creating a safer shopping environment for customers and a safer work environment for employees.



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  1. ericsunsdahl / Jul 15 2012 5:17 am

    Good question Ian!

    Our Instant Assistant has the ability to be customized to fit just about any need you may have. An example of another application for the 4 button transmitter is already being used at check out lanes for store employees to message for key personal such as management, additional cashier needed, cash drawer refills or anything else that may be needed.

    Several of our customers also use if for direct customer help. Single or multiple transmitters can be programmed to assist customers in such places as deli, bakery, isle assitance and so on.

    With any of these alerts the appropriate message is sent via the Instant Assistant to Two-Way Radios and eliminate the need for overhead paging.

    Whatever the need is, we can solve it.

  2. Ian Pattison / Jul 13 2012 2:37 am

    Nice simple solution. Have you looked at how it could be plugged into a wider notifications system, so that key store personnel can pick up alerts about stock-outs, customer service issues etc? Would be interested to hear your thoughts on integration.

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