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July 18, 2012 / advwirelesscomm

Nuclear Generating Plant VoIP Solution

Nuclear Generating Plant in Minnesota

Different approach for communications in a Nuclear Generating Plant in Minnesota by Advanced WIreless Communications

Location: Red Wing, Minn.

A Nuclear Generating Plant is an electricity-generating facility located in Red Wing, Minnesota along the Mississippi River, adjacent to the Prairie Island Indian Community reservation. The nuclear power plant, which first began operating in 1973, has two nuclear reactors (pressurized water reactors) made by Westinghouse that produce a total 1,076 megawatts of power.

THE NEED: A Nuclear Plant in Redwing, MN needed to communicate between their containment area (silo) an adjacent building, and a construction trailer.

THE PROBLEM: Because of the construction of the buildings it is impossible to get a two-way radio signal to penetrate and give them the coverage required.

Telex IP223

The Telex IP-223 allowed for VoIP communications to locations unreachable by standard two-way radio.

THE SOLUTION: Advanced Wireless Communications came up with the solution of using VoIP (voice over internet protocol). In other words we made the two-way radios talk from inside to outside using the customer’s intranet to transmit the two-way radio signal by installing VOIP/Radio equipment in the areas.

THE RESULT: The Nuclear Plant employees says it worked great, but headsets were used in the containment area because of the high noise level. By working together with the Prairie island Plant IT Department, Advanced Wireless Communications Sales and Technical Service managers, we were able to create a solution for the customer that overcame the problem of communications in the containment area with new technology in a quick and efficient time.


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