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July 24, 2012 / advwirelesscomm

Elopement Emergencies Wirelessly Averted

Care Center in MinnesotaLocation: Stewartville Care Center in Stewartville, Minnesota is a 109 bed Care Center built-in 1969 by the community of Stewartville. In 1975, the Care Center added a north wing and has expanded throughout the years to include HUD senior housing and a 29 unit assisted living/independent living apartment complex named Garden Cottage.

THE NEED: With reduced staff afterhours, Garden Cottage was concerned about the residents in their memory care area leaving their rooms and risking a case where a resident elopes from the facility. The Garden Cottage staff would not necessarily be aware of such an event or may be busy assisting other residents and then get startled, surprised, and scared when they would suddenly encounter a resident slipping away into the hallway when they should have been in bed. Worse yet, a possible elopement attempt could occur under these circumstances without staff’s knowledge.

THE SOLUTION: Advanced Wireless Communications created a unique door sensor that could be easily activated by staff during night hours by simply flipping the sensor switch to the “on” or “activated” position.

When activated, the sensor, through the Instant Assistant Wireless Nurse Call System, alerts staff immediately via an audible alert message on their two-way radio allowing them to quickly meet the resident and guide them back to their room.

THE RESULT: This solution has expanded the main capabilities of Garden Cottages’ newly installed Wireless Nurse Call System making it a more cost-effective addition and it has helped bring peace of mind to staff and management, but more importantly to resident’s families, knowing that their loved ones are safely attended to.

Advanced Wireless Communications was able to utilize its team, from Account Managers to our on site engineering department, to quickly address the Garden Cottages Assisted Living Center’s concerns relating to their Memory Care residents. The solution was a customized application created specifically for Garden Cottages which was quickly designed and implemented.


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