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August 7, 2012 / advwirelesscomm

ShopRite Departmental Notification Solutions


THE NEED: In certain departments within its stores, ShopRite wanted a simple way to notify customers of freshly prepared items that were making their way to the sales floor. Some of these departments included bakery, meat, and Deli.

In the past, audio messages had to be recorded in the store each day by either the store manager or a department manager and then played via the overhead public address system. This process was effective but time-consuming. ShopRite wanted an easier, less time-consuming way to provide such notification to customers.

THE SOLUTION: Advanced Wireless Communications (AWC) designed a solution where ShopRite’s department managers could simply press a button that directly corresponded to a message they wished to communicate to customers. For example, in the bakery department an option was created that notified when freshly baked items such as croissants or bread were making their way to the sales floor. These messages where professionally recorded and ShopRite worked with Advanced Wireless to create a “library” of such audio giving the department managers a variety of options.

Fresh Baked Bread at ShopRite

With the push of a wireless button, they can easily announce over the PA the freshly made products arrival to the sales floor.

This library was created to be expandable and can be customized remotely via network connection to the store. The AWC device is tied into the stores existing Muzak system and a wireless panel conveniently located within certain departments. With a push of a button, when on the way to deliver and stock freshly baked items onto the sales floor, they can easily announce the freshly made products arrival.


The result of implementing this solution is that store personnel are more efficient in activating the announcements and save time in notifying customers of freshly baked items arriving to the floor. Other uses include notification of weekly or daily specials that originate in each department.

Increasing impulse sales has been the result of this simple and unique ShopRite approach using Advanced Wireless technology.


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