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August 30, 2012 / advwirelesscomm

Wireless and Supervised Nurse Call Box

Wireless Nurse Call BoxThe AWC-1107 Nurse Call Box from Advanced Wireless is a highly flexibly wireless call box for use in bedside and bathroom applications. It is intended for use with our Instant Assistant® nurse call system. It can be used with various bedside cords in a resident room or it can be used with a washable pull-string in bathroom applications. It can also be activated by pushing the large, highly visible button. It is commonly used in skilled, assisted and acute applications.

This device is completely wireless, using a 900MHz band wireless transmitter (it does not connect to or use any Wi-Fi networks). It can be conveniently located anywhere in the facility so long as it is within coverage of the 900 MHz wireless network. This wireless design significantly reduces installation cost by eliminating the need for expensive and labor intensive wiring.

Although this device is wireless, is still fully supervised. That is, the call box must frequently check in with the Instant Assistant to assure connectivity and battery life. The supervised design of this device has allowed it to be approved by various state health departments.

This device can also be integrated with existing “hardwired” nurse call systems. Please ask us about extending the life of your current nurse call system through our Nurse Call Interface Module. With our integration you can add wireless Nurse Call Boxes, voice alerting to two-way radio, and much more. Click here to see more of what our Wireless Nurse Call System can do for your facility!

This is a flexible, cost-effective, highly reliable solution to your future nurse call needs.


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