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November 6, 2012 / awcsziebarth

Bluetooth Technology – Then and Now

Bluetooth is not exactly a new technology but, did you know that your two-way radio with the right adapter can connect to thousands of Bluetooth headsets?  More convenient because it’s practically hands-free.  There are Bluetooth headsets that accommodate almost any industry, they can be equipped for use in hard hats, ear muffs, noise cancellation mic’s, and this is only the beginning. 

Bluetooth IconIn 1996, Bluetooth conception was to have the ability to, wirelessly connect and communicate a mobile PC to the booming market of a cellular phone.  Numerous companies such as Ericsson, IBM, Intel, Nokia, and Toshiba had previously been working on their own versions of this technology until they decided to create a group called SIG (Special Interest Group) in order to successfully drive this new technology forward.

The word “Bluetooth” originated as a codename, which had inspired Jim Kardach (one of the original members of SIG and is now in the Bluetooth Hall of Fame) and derived from Harald Bluetooth.  Herald was a Danish King who ruled during the 10th century and united Scandinavian Europe just as SIG had the vision to unite PC and cellular industries with a short-range wireless link.

Did you know that one of the original suggestions of names for Bluetooth technology was “Flirt” with the catch phrase, “getting close, but not touching.”

Bluetooth technology has continued to advance and is used in many devices such as headsets, two-way radios, printers, laptops, car kits, GPS, cameras, video game consoles, sunglasses, watches, televisions, alarm-clocks, and so much more.

Bluetooth Devices

Bluetooth has allowed us a safer way to communicate when using electronic devices while driving.

Bluetooth technology has become so advanced that you can now connect multiple units to one Bluetooth connection.  Many states have banned the use of cell phones and other devices while operating a vehicle, unless they have the ability to use both hands on the wheel.  Bluetooth has allowed us a safer way to communicate when using electronic devices while driving.  On a side note, as of today two-way radios are not illegal to use while driving (in most locals and for now).

There are Bluetooth adapters that plug right into your vehicle’s cigarette-lighter for mobile 2-way radios or you can include a Bluetooth lapel microphone that can strap right onto your steering wheel and you don’t even take your eyes off the road.  Even so, there are always safe ways to use radios even if it isn’t against the law!


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