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December 6, 2012 / advwirelesscomm

Is My Nurse Call System Becoming Obsolete?

Obsolete technology

Obsolete technology

Do you remember the television conversion of a few years ago; the public being forced to purchase specific antenna’s or digital to analog converter boxes just to make their TV’s work?

In the past years technology has been changing at a very rapid pace, which includes Nurse Call Systems. Some Nurse Call Systems use a technology called Frequency Agile (FA) that has now been discontinued and replaced by digital system called EchoStream (EN)

Wireless Nurse Call Systems using the Frequency Agile (FA) system are now also becoming obsolete and the supplies for this technology have been depleted. Because of this changing technology you may encounter issues when new equipment and repairs for current equipment are needed for those obsolete systems.

The question is; should you purchase all new equipment now that may cost you tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars, or should you continue operating your existing equipment with your fingers crossed and “hope for the best”?

There is some hope for those using the now obsolete systems. Some companies, like Advanced Wireless Communications have developed a system that can receive both the old Frequency Agile (FA) devices as well as the new EchoStream (EN) devices! In addition, we can add features to your existing system without the major expense of having to replace it in its entirety all at one time.

If you have a concern or just want information regarding your existing Nurse Call System and its capabilities and/or limitations call your provider or Advanced Wireless Communications.


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