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December 11, 2012 / advwirelesscomm

Radio Use Continues to Grow Rapidly In Long Term Care Facilities

Nurse assisting patient

Radios contribute to a quieter and less institutional environment

The use of small portable radios in healthcare facilities is growing rapidly, we (Advanced Wireless Communications) estimate that approximately 20% of all skilled nursing facilities are now using radios and the rate of adoption is steadily increasing.

Radios are an excellent tool for immediate communications among staff and care givers, they represent an excellent means of communicating among these teams of people who need to send, receive and share time sensitive voice communications.

Radios are not optimum for lengthy one-on-one communications as are telephones, they are, however, efficient in that they offer “one-to-many” communications. Radios also provide a simple, low-cost solution and, in most facilities, they will not require any infrastructure such as repeaters or access points or running a lot of wires through the building. The devices simply speak “radio-to-radio”, therefore, the only start-up costs are the radios themselves, an additional benefit is that there are no recurring expenses or network fees.

Radios have also become smaller, lighter and more affordable, a very good commercial-grade radio can weigh less than four ounces and have an acquisition cost of as little as $119.00.

Radios contribute to a quieter and less institutional environment, the proper use can virtually eliminate the need for an overhead paging system and they can also be integrated to receive notifications from nurse call and wander management systems.

For more information on how radios can improve communications, efficiency and responsiveness to your residents or for a working demo, please contact an Advanced Wireless Communications Account Manager.


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