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February 6, 2013 / sgroth28

Best Practices on Protecting Your Two-Way Radio Investment

“How can we protect our radios from being lost, misplaced, stolen, and/or broken?” This is a question we get asked all of the time. There is not one good answer to this question. Actually, there are many good answers to this question that we’ve heard from our customers. So we took a few of the best ones and would like to share them with you.

Best Practice 1:

At Heritage Care Center in Iowa Falls, Iowa – they came up with a great program to deal with this problem. They put together a Stewardship Team to gather ideas on how their radio use would be most successful. First the team decided that they needed to have a special area to keep the radios. Since the team members were pretty handy they built a cabinet which was lockable to store the radios in.

They utilized multi-unit chargers in their cabinet so that when radios are stored they would also be charging. Next they came up with a policy that everyone who used radios had to go through a training first. Their training covers how to: use the radio, charge the battery, change the battery, and how to sign-out a radio. They put two charge nurses on the morning shift and two on the afternoon shift in charge of the radios and cabinet. They are responsible for having the radios ready to use from being charged to getting repairs done when needed. They are also in charge of signing out radios through the use of a binder that has a specific sign-out page for each radio.

By getting their employees involved in creating their radio program and managing it Heritage Care Center’s radios are all accounted for, and are being used properly – saving money and protecting their investment.

(Read more here: 700115_CA-ProtectRadioInvest_2-6-13 )


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