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August 6, 2013 / sgroth28

Summer of Solutions: Telephone Interconnect

Summer Header - Telephone Interconnect

“How do we reduce overhead paging and enhance the customer shopping experience?”

THE NEED: Attempting to reduce overhead paging, enhance the customer shopping experience, and accelerate the check out process, Festival Foods had a desire to integrate their existing phones at each checkout lane with the new two-way radios. The cashiers at the checkout lanes required quick, and quiet, access to the appropriate staff for price checks, price overrides, product retrieval, bagging help and so on.

THE SOLUTION: Advanced Wireless Communications designed and installed a telephone interconnect device that allowed any internal telephone to dial in and communicate with employees carrying a two-way radio.

Telephone Interconnect Architecture2-flat

THE RESULT: Overhead paging was reduced, checkout lanes moved faster, and customers/employees alike have an overall quieter experience.

Would you like to reduce overhead paging while using your existing phone system?

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