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August 23, 2013 / sgroth28

Summer of Solutions: Cashier Assistant

Summer Header - Cashier Assistant

“How do we increase throughput at our check lanes?”

We’ve all been there, waiting in line at a grocery store when something happens – a price is ringing up incorrectly. The cashier frantically tries to get a price check done. As time passes our patience runs thin and our experience at that grocery store becomes tainted. The next time we have to pick up groceries we remember that experience and think twice before going to that same store.The Cashier Assistant is a solution that we created from a customer’s need to increase throughput thus creating a positive experience for his customers.The Cashier Assistant is a call box which is placed at each check lane. It has four buttons which when one is pushed activates a different alert. So in the above example when the cashier needs a price check they simply push button #3. A message then goes out via two-way radios, or other communication devices stating (for example): “Price check to register #5”. The appropriate person then can quickly respond. The benefit of utilizing the Cashier Assistant is that it saves time, moves guests quickly through the check lanes and increase customer satisfaction – all of which can result in an increase in profit.

Would you like to increase throughput at your check lanes?

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