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August 23, 2013 / sgroth28

Summer of Solutions: Drive-Up Alert

Summer Header - Drive-Up Alert

“How do we know people are waiting at the pharmacy and/or grocery pickup lanes?

THE NEED: After opening the new Carlie C’s. Serving customer’s needs in unique ways was a priority for the company. With expanded check lanes, larger square footage and a new pharmacy drive through which allows customers to receive prescriptions without leaving the comfort of their vehicle.

Carlie C’s management team knew this new pharmacy drive through was an important and needed service for the customer, but also wanted to ensure personnel working inside the pharmacy didn’t leave drive-up customers waiting too long to receive the order and go on their way.

THE SOLUTION: Advanced Wireless designed and installed a pharmacy drive through notification system that complemented the primary wireless system that had been used at other Carlie C’s stores.

The intent of the design was to provide a way for personnel to receive an audio message from approaching vehicles. The Advanced Wireless solution allows pharmacy personnel to go about their regular work while wearing a wireless device provided by Advanced Wireless.

THE RESULT:  The solution brings speed and convenience to customers approaching the pharmacy drive through. Creating the pharmacy drive through was all about Carlie C’s providing speed and ease when ordering prescriptions at the drive through. The Advanced Wireless solution makes it easier for both the Carlie C’s customers and employees but providing the 5-6 advance alerts. Customers can enjoy the speed and convenience of getting prescriptions filled w/out waiting and employees at Carlie C’s don’t have to monitor the drive through constantly.

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Would you like to know when people are waiting at your pharmacy window or your grocery pick-up area?

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