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March 11, 2014 / sgroth28

Preventing Pressure Sores using Technology

Nurse assisting patient

To avoid the risks of getting pressure sores, many skilled nursing facilities follow a defined procedure that calls for the “turning” of bed-ridden residents.

Skin disorders such as pressure sores (also known as pressure ulcers or bed sores) represent a serious risk to frail and bed–ridden residents. Pressure sores normally develop on the “bony prominences” of the body – like the heel or lower back. These sores occur because of pressure placed on the skin from bones for prolonged periods of time.

Pressure sores are categorized in four stages of severity from red painful areas to very deep open sores. Learn more about these stages at WebMD’s website.

To avoid these risks, many skilled nursing facilities follow a defined procedure that calls for the “turning” of bed-ridden residents at prescribed intervals, typically every two hours.

A skilled nursing facility can be hectic and distractions are often. Following a schedule on paper can easily be overlooked without a noticeable reminder.

We came up with a simple, cost-effective solution to remind nurses on duty to “turn” an at-risk resident after a customer came to us with a request for such a solution.  Our solution involves a Controlled Tone Generator. This is a small “black box” that connects to the audio input of the current public address system. It can be programmed to activate at precise time intervals, for example, every two hours. Upon activation, this device issues a simple audible tone across the public address system. You may also have the tone or a pre-recorded message play across two-way radios, pagers, and other output devices (requires additional hardware). Care givers will hear their reminder tone (a soft bell-like chime). This tone reminds them that it is time to turn at risk residents. This device can be programmed to accommodate up to three unique repeating time intervals each with a unique audible tone.

Learn more about this solution and our other offerings by giving us a call (800) 475-5852 or by visiting our website:


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