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July 31, 2014 / sgroth28

Innovation Key to Wealshire of Bloomington

Wealshire of Bloomington 1

Wealshire of Bloomington, a dementia and Alzheimer’s care facility, was specially designed using an aging-in-place concept: its campus’ unique modular design is personalized by households, tailored to meet the needs of all four stages of dementia.

Known as the largest Alzheimer’s care facility of its kind in the country, Wealshire of Bloomington offers the latest innovations in enhanced care.

Technology by Advanced Wireless Communications has contributed toward their expert care. Wealshire recently added an AWC wireless nurse call system that was integrated into an existing system, AWC call boxes, and Kenwood ProTalk TK-3230 two-way radios.

“Our response time is much better, and it gives families satisfaction and reassurance their family member has a way of getting help if they need it,” said Arlyce Severson, director of operations and care at Wealshire of Bloomington.

“We can respond quickly and efficiently,” said Severson. “Overall these are better products for us, and it was pretty much a seamless transition. The staff likes it, and it’s easy to use.”

“For those that want to be independent, this system enables a sense of autonomy,” said Severson, speaking of the
residents in the early stages of Alzheimer’s that don’t need as much constant monitoring but can certainly call when needs arise.

Because there are different households at Wealshire, different channels have also been set up to alert just the staff needed for that area of the campus, eliminating mass communications when unnecessary and thus helping to keep labor costs under control. Staff can also communicate with each other through this technology if more assistance is required.

“It provides security for all involved – the resident, their family and our staff, knowing help can be reached at any given time,” added Severson.

As Wealshire continues to provide “residents the opportunity to live with pride and dignity and in a community of well-being,” innovations in technology are essential as with Advanced Wireless Communications, who is supporting them along the way.


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