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August 14, 2014 / sgroth28

Grocery Chain Reduces Risk from Spills

2014-02-19 15.13.34_ED

When Brown’s Super Stores Inc. – a conglomerate of 10 ShopRite supermarkets in the Philadelphia region – needed to resolve how they handled spills in their stores, they contacted their Advanced Wireless Communications representative.

It was important to ShopRite management that they find a solution that would allow store employees to handle spills quickly and efficiently without having to leave the site of the spill to get assistance with clean-up. When Lou DeCenzi, ShopRite’s director of loss prevention, safety and POS operations, met with his Advanced Wireless representative, they discussed the possible solutions.

Until the meeting with the representative, the store’s employees would handle spills by posting a wet floor sign and leave the area of the spill to report it, or they would have to wait for a fellow employee to walk by to communicate information to management about the spill. This process was less than ideal as there were delays in reporting and, at times, spills were left unattended.

As a solution, the Advanced Wireless Communications representative recommended that the store’s management post four-button wireless transmitters in strategic areas in order to notify the clean-up crew of spills, maintaining the store’s control and safety. The Instant Assistant® system offers communication between a custom call box to a two-way radio, wireless phone, pager or public address system. The system can be custom-designed offering instant communication between strategically placed call boxes to the appropriate personnel. The system allows for immediate response times to potentially dangerous spills, reducing liability and creating a safer shopping environment for the store’s customers and employees. The system also provides up-to-the-minute activity and performance reports, allowing users to evaluate the system’s use and effectiveness.

2014-02-19 14.46.15_ED

“We purchased a transmitter for each aisle of the store, two for the produce areas, two for the meat aisle and one for each department, including dairy, frozen, and the front of the store,” says DeCenzi. “The four-button transmitters allow our employees who discover a spill to remain in the area, preventing a potential slip or fall.”

Each button on the transmitter communicates a unique need: 1) wet spill, 2) dry spill, 3) manager, and 4) clear. Once installed, the wireless communications staff offered on-site training to 30 ShopRite associates as well as ongoing follow-up training.

“The transmitters have allowed us to cut our reaction time in half,” says DeCenzi. “We had a great experience working with Advanced Wireless Communications. The installation and the sales team stayed with the store until the employees were comfortable using the equipment. They also continuously checked in with the stores after the installation.”

ShopRite is now considering future purchases of similar devices for its Shop From Home Department.


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