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January 22, 2015 / sgroth28

Online Ordering, Pick Up at Store Solution

Shop from Home Call Box

Many restaurants, grocery stores and retail establishments have launched curbside pick-up – a convenient way for customers to shop by placing orders through the store’s website, then picking them up in a designated parking area.

Behind the scenes, at the store, delivering this convenient service can be labor intensive meaning that a team member usually has to serve as a look-out for guests who pull in to the designated parking stalls.

ShopRite, a large East Coast grocery chain, asked Advanced Wireless Communications (AWC) to come up with a solution that would assist them in knowing when guests pull in to ShopRite from Home stalls.

Advanced Wireless took ShopRite’s existing two-way radio system, paired with the Instant Assistant®, and expanded it to include wireless heavy duty, weatherproof two-way call boxes. These call boxes were installed at each stall. Now when a customer pulls in to one of the designated stalls they push a button on the call box which immediately connects them to a ShopRite from Home radio user. The customer and ShopRite team member can carry on a conversation. When finished, the call box times out and disconnects from the two-way radio system.

Using the Instant Assistant® they are able to pull reports telling them how many times the call boxes were activated, trends on when customers came to the store, timing on how quickly customers were served, and if there were any service failures.

This increases productivity of team members, freeing them up to work in other areas of the store and allowing for a quick, reliable response to guests who pull in to the ShopRite from Home stalls. The reports become a valuable tool in training ShopRite’s team and increases customers’ satisfaction with their service.

ShopRite from Home Call BoxV3


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