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January 27, 2015 / sgroth28

Two-way Radio System Improves Communications and Environment

Estelline Nursing and Care Center

At Estelline Nursing and Care Center, Estelline, S.D., the care and comfort of its 60 residents is at the top of the priority list. Residents rely on staff for comfort and medical care, and the staff works to make the environment as calm and homelike as possible.

More than 4 years ago, the staff at the care center was using an overhead paging system that was loud, disruptive, and less effective than staff would like. It was at this time that Mike Ward, Estelline’s administrator, began investigating new ways that the staff could communicate with one another without
disrupting residents.


After working with Linda Pfaff, a local Advanced Wireless Communications (AWC) account manager, the administrator was introduced to two-way radios that would allow the center’s staff to communicate one-to-many. The portable radios offered a small, compact solution that staff members could easily carry with them. By adding an attachable ear-hook radio headset, staff communication became fast, efficient, and quiet.

MINI PRO two-way radios were purchased from AWC for use by Estelline’s 73 staff members. Each on-duty staff member carries a device with an attachable ear-hook headset.

The MINI PRO two-way radio is compact and lightweight at just 4 ounces and perfect for the staff members who are on the go. The MINI PRO includes a built-in LED flashlight for emergencies.

“The radios have saved 10,000 steps, improved safety for the residents and staff, quieted the environment, and increased communication between staff tenfold,” says Ward. “The headsets keep information confidential and have increased the timeliness to attend to residents’ needs.”

Advanced Wireless Communications is a leader in the design and integration of wireless communications solutions. The company focuses on providing reliable and cost effective on-site communications to retail, health care, education, and manufacturing companies throughout the U.S.


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