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April 27, 2015 / sgroth28

Applebee’s improves guests’ experience, productivity and profitability with two-way radios.

Applebee's, Apple Valley, MN

There are more than 616,000 restaurants in the United States.

All of these businesses are competing for a share of the consumer’s out-of-home dining dollar. One of the ways a restaurant can be more competitive is by making their employees more productive and create a pleasant experience for their guests.

Well, that’s exactly what the Applebee’s restaurant in Apple Valley, Minnesota did with the help of Advanced Wireless Communications (AWC).

According to General Manager Tom Wroblewski, the two-way radios from AWC have helped them in so many ways.

“I don’t know what we did without radios before this, but I would not want to operate the restaurant without the use of radios,” said Wroblewski.

Applebee’s and Wroblewski reported many benefits, including:

● Labor efficiency improves because everybody can be where they are needed most, but can also be productive in other areas of the restaurant.

● One hostess can provide the all-important first impression while a second is seating guests or doing a clean-up project.

● Improved communication decreases customer complaints because problems are reported and solved more quickly.

● Improved customer service improves guest feedback, which improves customer loyalty.

● Table turnaround gets reported quickly so waiting guests can be seated more quickly.

● Instant communication allows team to prepare for large parties and rush situations.

● Radios provide improved safety and efficiency for ‘Carside To Go’ delivery staff members.

Applebee’s and Wroblewski also state that the two-way radio system has directly helped them improve their GEM customer service scores. GEM is Applebee’s Guest Experience Measurement tool and it’s used to judge customer satisfaction.

“Applebee’s stores that have a good radio system and use it well always tend to have higher GEM scores and be more profitable because their customers are more likely to be loyal,” Wroblewski said. “And customer loyalty generates repeat guests and drives traffic,” he added.

Wroblewski said Applebee’s stores that use radios also tend to communicate better and have improved efficiency in all aspects of their operation.

“You need to communicate efficiently with key people in order to operate at a fast clip and still provide great service,” Wroblewski said. “And our Advanced Wireless radios provide us with a tool to do that,” he added.

Advanced Wireless Communications works with a number of Applebee’s restaurants. The larger and busier restaurants utilize a 12-radio system, while the smaller ones a 6-radio system.

Waitress at Applebee's, TK-3230

The Kenwood TK-3230 two-way radios from AWC offer an incredible combination of power, size, and battery life. At around six inches tall (including the antenna) and a mere five and a half ounces, these radios are easy to handle. They provide 1.5 watts of output power, delivers excellent range and operates for up to 18 hours on a single charge.

Manager Tom Wroblewski reports that Applebee’s is very pleased with the value they receive from their two-way radio system along with the service he’s received from AWC. Service includes a needs analysis, ordering, programming and FCC licensing.

Wroblewski said, “Advanced has done a nice job taking care of our needs, providing new sets and repairs when needed and providing us with very fast turnaround.”


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