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May 16, 2016 / sgroth28

Monarch Meadows sees better response times

500366_AWC Newsletter_Volume 6_FINAL_3-29-16-3

A 33-percent improvement in response time is worth noting.

It definitely got the attention of the staff and residents of Monarch Meadows, a North Mankato-based assisted living and respite care provider celebrating its 15 year in operation.

“Decreased response times are important for resident safety,” said Stacy Wihlm, executive director of Monarch Meadows. “On occasion, we will have a resident become frustrated while waiting for a response and will attempt to transfer themselves, which can lead to a fall and injury.”

But it’s not an issue anymore after acquiring Advanced Wireless Communication’s Page 2 Talk system with professional small two-way radios.

Before working with AWC, Monarch Meadows used pagers in each area of the building. Now, all staff members hear a voice notification through their two-way radios when an alert is activated. The closest person responds to the call, and notifies other staffers that it’s taken care of.

“Residents no longer complain that it took someone more than 15 minutes to answer their page,” she said. “Staff also are working more as a team.”

The new system worked so well that their parent company, Vista Prairie Communities, has installed the Page 2 Talk system in seven of their communities. An eighth community has a full wireless nurse call system with two-way radios from Advanced Wireless Communications.

The radio equipment is easier to handle, as well.
“They are the perfect size for staff to carry and are not too heavy,” Wihlm said. “They are high quality and have held up remarkably well to the wear and tear we put them through on a daily basis.”

Also, overlapping frequencies with nearby radios is no longer an issue with FCC licensing.

“The channel privacy has also been a wonderful upgrade for us,” she said, saying their previous radios used to get interference from neighboring businesses. “We no longer have to worry about that.”


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