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September 14, 2017 / sgroth28

Throwback Thursday: Two-way radios, reporting improve senior living community operations

Featured in our Second Quarter 2015 newsletter was this article on our customer Greenwood Connections. With the Emergency Preparedness Rule in the forefront of everyone’s mind, we felt this was a great article that demonstrates the value of using two-way radios during an emergency situation.

Greenwood Connections

Two-way radios, reporting improve senior living community operations

You know you’re doing something right when you impress the American Red Cross.

Two years ago, the senior living community of Greenwood Connections, which provides several living options for seniors in multiple buildings, were evacuated because of an area wildfire.

Greenwood Connections administrator Clair Erickson says the Two-way Radios from Advanced Wireless Communications (AWC) proved invaluable during that experience. Residents were spread out in three different rooms of a nearby school and the Red Cross took note of the ease with which Greenwood Connections staff communicated.

“(The radios) definitely helped minimize confusion,” Erickson says, whose Greenwood Connections are located 40 miles east of Detroit Lakes in beautiful Menahga, MN.

But the radios don’t only come in handy during a time of crisis.

Erickson says the use of the radios has cut down on the time wasted looking for people, something he verifies with the daily reporting stats sent from AWC through its Instant Assistant® Wireless Nurse Call System.

The reports (extended wait times and location activation’s summary) have also helped in conversations revolving around complaints.

“Extended wait times can be addressed at staff meetings with hard data to back up or refute complaints from residents or families,” he says.
The technology upgrade goes beyond saved time for Greenwood Connections, an AWC client since 2011.

Erickson says nurses no longer mind carrying around radios because of the compact size of the Radios, giving them a lighter load during their shifts. And the AWC Nurse Call Boxes have eliminated the need for the archaic call lights above residents’ doors when they request attention.

“The nurses know immediately where the call is from no matter where they are at the moment (because) the calls go directly to the nurses,” Erickson says.

And the cherry on top?

“The building is much quieter.”


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